Curse of Strahd

Garrin Bio

Garrin son of D’kin
Dawnbringer of Lathander

D’kin and J’ney were the proud parents of a healthy baby boy. They held the birth in the Spires of the Morning in Waterdeep and the next dawn, the dawn of the summer solstice, the child was dedicated to Lathander. To the surprise of his parents and the assembled clergy, the babe was limned by a rosy, red glow as the dedication ceremony came to a close.

Twelve years later, the boy was brought back to the Spires of the Morning where he was enrolled as an acolyte or Awakened, in the church of Lathander. There he learned the teachings of Lathander and excelled in all aspects of his training. He was especially enamored of tales of St Wilhelm, a bear of a man and priest of Lathander from ages long past. Garrin learned the stories by heart and will still use them to accentuate a point. Young Garrin is also unshakably optimistic, which befits a cleric of the Dawn.

Garrin measures himself against the teachings of Lathander:
Optimism: leaving the past behind to focus on the promise of a new start. “There is always a new dawn.”
Hatred of undead—They are a mockery of life and creation. Further, the intelligent undead have failed to leave their pasts behind and move on.
Good works: bringing light and life to the people who need it.

He dreams of finding the lost mace of St Wilhelm.

Unfortunately, and he does not even know, his glowing experiences as a youth and acolyte have left him far too trusting of a church hierarchy, who, however much they profess the ideals of Lathandar, are men and not gods and thus prone to the failings of men.

He has recently been given the robes of a Dawnbringer and has only recently left the Spires of the Morning to seek the way of Lathandar in the wider world.


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Garrin Bio

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