Curse of Strahd

Garrin's Journal Entry #3

01 Feb 17

Garrin’s Journal Entry #3

After leaving the corpses of the dire wolves behind, we continued on with our newfound companion, Gogal. As we walked east down the road, we noticed it was newer and nicer than the track we had been on previously. We also noted fog starting to form in the woods to the side of the road and behind us. Nicomedes decided to experiment with the fog. Taking the end of a rope, he had Gogal hold the other end and had the rest of the party continue walking away from him as he stayed in place. The fog continued advancing behind the main body of the party and as it approached Nicomedes, who by this time was about twenty-five feet behind us, he reported that the whorls in the fog seemed unnatural and almost to be like fingers or tentacles grasping at him. He ran forward to join the rest of us.

After walking another half hour or so, we noticed a lovely four story masonry home off the road to our right. At the same time, we noticed the fog moving more quickly around the house and crossing the road in front of us, forcing us into the home unless we wanted to brave whatever was in that fog.

As we approached the house, we noticed blue and violet flowers growing in a garden near the walkway. I’m not certain why that caught my eye. I think it might have been the first sign of color I had seen in the plant life since we washed up on the shore last night. We knocked on the door but received no answer, but we did hear a child crying on the other side. We went ahead and opened the door and found two children, a boy of about six holding a stuffed animal and a girl of about eight, who I presumed to be his sister. When asked where their parents were, the children told us that they were in the basement keeping the monsters locked up. We asked them to show us the way to the basement entrance but they said they did not want to leave the vicinity of the front door. When pressed, they disappeared. We heard childish laughter coming from up the stairs. Del, our paladin, told us that although he had sensed great evil coming from the entire house, he had sensed none in the children.

We explored the first floor of the house and found no stairs leading to a basement. The house seemed to be decorated in woodland/forest/nature/animal themes of a pleasing nature. We found a long sword mounted to the wall with a windmill embossed in the hilt. The windmill was a recurring theme as we explored the house. I believe it may be a family crest. We went up the stairs, exploring the second floor and finding a seal with the same windmill crest and two suits of plate armor standing in the hallway. Moving to the third floor we encountered another suit of armor which animated and attacked Del. We successfully beat it into pieces. I opened the door to a room on the third floor and was attacked by a specter. After it attacked me it went after several other members of the party. We were very fortunate that she did not hit any of us, as this type of malevolent spirits drain life from their victims. I attempted to turn her, but before she could flee, Del hit her and cancelled the turn. I spoke with Del after the battle and informed him that damaging a creature that had been turned would prevent it from fleeing. He seemed more interested in destroying the creature than turning it. I understand and concur, but the potential harm a creature like this can do should encourage a wiser approach. After dispatching this specter, we examined the room. It was dustier and had more cobwebs than the rest of the house. The children appeared again and I learned that they were named Rose and Thorn. The boy, Thorn then tried to possess Edderthan but, he threatened the boy with destruction and the boy withdrew. Del also threatened them. I explained to them that we wanted to help but we needed them to let us work and not try to “play” with us. “Play” seemed to be their term for possessing other people. As we were finishing up our investigation of the third floor, Del opened a broom closet and was severely beaten by a broom. If he hadn’t been seriously injured, it would have been humorous. Del, the brave and mighty paladin, soundly beaten by a cleaning utensil. We tried beating and slicing it with little success. Nicomedes finally set it on fire and we were able to pound it enough that the magic animating it dissipated.



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