Curse of Strahd

Garrin's Jounal Entry #2

16 Jan 17

Garrin’s Journal
Entry #2

As promising as our enterprise started out, it quickly turned bitter. Shortly after our victory over the Sahuagin, we were delivered into the hands of Tempus, the god of storms. A huge gale blew upon us that sank the Terito and as far as we can tell took her entire crew. Only we four seem to have survived the disaster that struck the Terito and her crew.

Fortunately we had warning enough to gather our equipment and get on deck before the ship sank. We witnessed Captain Corvul strive valiantly to save his ship, but to no avail. The mast which he was climbing, broke off and threw him into the raging sea. We attempted to throw him a line, but the wind and the waves made our attempt fruitless. Shortly thereafter, a huge wave capsized the Terito and threw us into the sea. We were fortunate enough to find pieces of flotsam to keep us from drowning. Sub-Lieutenant Bilfrim and the rest of the crew were not so fortunate. We were forced to watch them drown with no means of saving them. At this time we also realized we had lost Dell. We shouted ourselves hoarse calling for him to no avail before we decided to make our way in the direction of the coast.

After hours kicking, we finally arrived at shore, cold, wet and fatigued. Interestingly enough, before our feet touched land, the water turned from salt to fresh. I assumed we had somehow swum into the mouth of a river. We found ourselves on the shore surrounded by forests and overshadowed by fog. We managed to start a fire, and dried our equipment and ourselves, and set up watch, and rested our battered and weary bodies. During the first watch, while I was on watch, we were approached by a man who inquired why we were here. He seemed puzzled when I mentioned a shipwreck and ocean. And he mentioned fishing this lake. One of us is very confused. I suspect it is him. He did suggest that we get away from the shore and pointed us in the direction of the nearest village, Barovia. During the third watch, Dell arrived on the beach with us. After finishing our rest, we made our way to the nearby clearing and found the road that the stranger had indicated would be there. As we prepared to get on the road, we saw two strangers approaching. We met them and found them to be fellow sojourners in this land. One, a strange human named Scratch and the other a half-orc named Grugal. Scratch wanted us to hurry along to a destination he knew about, but we refused to run after him. I believe he may have been eaten by the dire wolves that then attacked us. All members of the group acquitted themselves well in the fight and the wolves were defeated. The last one tried to run but was cut down as it tried to flee. With any luck we will arrive in Barovia before nightfall.



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