Curse of Strahd

Garrin's Journal Entry #1

02 Jan 17

Journal Entry 1
Garrin son of D’kkin
Dawnbringer of the Morninglord, Lathander

What a glorious start to this latest adventure, all praise to the Morninglord. One of my new friends, Edderthan, had a meeting with an old acquaintance of his, one Shevin, who is a Sergeant Major in the Baldur’s Gate town watch. Shevin extended an offer to join the Baldur’s Gate Navy in an expedition to hunt pirates under the employ of Neverwinter. This struck me as odd, since I was unaware of any hostility between Neverwinter and Baldur’s Gate; but I was happy to join this expedition to see just what lies at the heart of the matter as well as stopping brutal pirates.

We made our way to the docks and met Sub-lieutenant Ned Bilfrim. He is a popinjay, a martinet and lacks proper respect for the gods. He pointed us to Captain Covul. Captain Covul is everything Sub-Lieutenant Bilfir is not. He is strong, well-proportioned, courteous, and a true leader of his men. He informed us we would be leaving the next day, so I made my way to the temple of Lathander to seek shelter for the night. I was put to work healing several wounded sailors. I was able to heal two of them completely of their injuries and aid the recovery of several others. Many of them were also ill and I was able to diagnose them with cholera, a disease I know to be caused by contaminated water. I made an intention to speak to Captain Covul the next day, but as I write this journal entry, I realize I have failed to do so. I must remedy that upon the morrow. With all the sick and injured, I was not given a place to sleep in the temple and so joined my comrades at the Spiked Wheel.

The Spiked Wheel is an unpleasant little inn with a less than genteel clientele. Sure enough, by the time we woke the next morning, Nicomedes, the foreign wizard had been robbed. He accosted his roommate and beat a confession from him and forced him to lead him to his gang who hid out at Evergreens, an herbalist shop. In the alley behind the shop, we were confronted by six thugs who threatened us with our lives. Nicomedes managed to put two of them to sleep immediately. I wounded the leader and was struck a resounding blow by a large tough with a two-handed sword. Fortunately, we were aided by an Elvish Paladin of Shevarash. He assisted in taking down the toughs and healed me so that I could regain consciousness and heal myself. No one else was injured. We went inside Evergreen to find Nicomedes stolen coins and found the owner of the shop and his daughter, who had been intimidated by the gang into silence while they used their shop as a front for their illicit activities. I instructed them to send for the town watch, which they did, and the watch was most pleased to find this gang of thugs tied up and ready to be carted off to the gaol.

We then made our way to the docks to join the crew of the Terito on its mission of justice against the pirates. There we were informed the ship would not be ready to set sail until the next morning, but were offered quarters for the night. These we accepted and the next morning, after a prayer for Lathander’s blessing of our voyage and our ship, we set sail.

Only a few days from Baldur’s Gate, I was taking air at the bow of the ship while my comrades were similarly on deck, when the water erupted around us and seven or so sahuagin leapt onto the deck of the ship. Their leader was directly in front of me on the bow of the ship and so I smote him with the pure radiance of Lathander’s guiding bolt. I was then surrounded by two or three more of the fiends, but struck the leader again with more of Lathander’s radiance. Then Captain Corvul came vaulting from the quarterdeck, raised the ship’s ballista and impaled the Sahuagin leader with a bolt the size of a spear from the ballista. I was then smote a blow that knocked me unconscious again, but was again saved by Dell, the paladin, who at great personal risk, came to my aid. I also understand that Sub-Lieutenant Bilfrim acquitted himself gallantly, leading the off-duty crew from below decks into the fray. The Sea-devils were killed or driven back into the sea with the loss of only a single crew member. I have healed and this morning, will seek to tend to the injuries of other crew members.

I can also feel that Lathanders is pleased with me and I have grown in his power. Praise be to the Morninglord.



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