Curse of Strahd

A bard's perspective on his new companions


I have had some time to evaluate my new companions and will quickly note my first impressions. I realize I probably haven’t induced the greatest confidence in my abilities, but I know I will shine soon.

Nicomedes- He is a bit different. Sort of quiet and strange, but is real handy to have around in a fight. I feel kind of bad about moving him in the way of those scary shadows which resulted in his death. I don’t think he believes me when I told him I thought he was going to move also.

Delavan- Part paladin and part crazy. I try not to laugh at him because his honor is very important to him, but…it can’t be helped. Well between getting beat by a broom and being fondled by a Grick he has kept me entertained. When he retires from adventuring he will surely find work as a court jester. I can’t deny his bravery though. He died protecting the group, of course it was his brashness that landed us in the situation with the shadows in the first place.

Garrin- I think he is really in his element fighting all these creatures. His spells and abilities have been godsend in this horrible place.

Gogall- He is big, ugly and not the smartest, but he has proven to be a steady ally. I think with his help the group might survive this land



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