Curse of Strahd

Garrin's Journal Entry #4

08 Feb 17

Garrin’s Journal #4
08 February 2017

We then moved into the master bedroom of the house, and to our surprise discovered Scratch! He had not been eaten by dire wolves after all. I greeted him excitedly, happy to have been wrong about his demise. He seemed more fidgety than ever and somewhat distracted. He was attempting to gather papers from a desk in the room and kept going on about not wishing to be distracted from his master’s work. Aderath was able to pry the name of his master from him, Strahd von Something. ( I could have sworn I heard him say von Strahdovich, but that doesn’t sound right.) When asked about meeting his master, Scratch responded with some vaguely ominous nonsense about how we would be meeting him soon enough and laughed somewhat menacingly. He went on about how Strahd had called him even before he got on the ship from Baldur’s Gate. Gogall confirmed that he’d been a bit strange even before the storm. We rested for a bit to allow ourselves time to recover however little, from our wounds.

After a bit more searching, we confirmed that there was a fourth floor. However, we had yet to find a means to access it. We then started searching the interior walls of the house for secret doors, passages or stairwells to lead us to the fourth floor. We eventually found it in the room of the children’s late nurse, Lady Agatha, who we had met as a specter. It was positioned behind a mirror in her room and we made our way up to the attic.

We searched and found the remains of a woman who had been stabbed to death. We then found the remains of two children. At this time, the ghosts of Rose and Thorn reappeared and confirmed that the remains of the woman belonged to Lady Agatha. The children’s room held a beautifully ornate and doll house, which was also an exact replica of their own house. Looking at it, we found the secret stairs that would lead us to the basement. Rose and Thorn were not happy at being left when we told them we would go to the basement to see about their parents. Thorn tried to possess me and Rose tried to possess NicomedesEach of us was possessed of sufficient strength of will to fend off the children’s ghosts. After that the ghosts disappeared. We gathered up the remains of Rose and Thorn and the late Lady Agatha and carried them down into the basement. We immediately found the Durst family crypts and eventually found empty tombs for Rose and Thorn. We also found an empty, unmarked tomb that we used for Lady Agatha. The three were laid to rest with all the honor and dignity that time and circumstances would afford. While trying to open the tomb for Thorn, Gogall was attacked by a swarm of centipedes. We managed to destroy them, but not before they did significant harm to our half-orc friend. We were forced to use one of our healing potions. I used the last of my spells for this day while healing Del after our battle with the dire wolves.

We made our way to another section of the basement and found some sleeping mats. We found some items there, an ivory hair brush, a silver short sword and an eye patch. Unfortunately Nicomedes decided to try on the eye patch and it drove him mad with fear. He took off running. Fortunately, he took off without a light source, which allowed Del and Gogall to run him down. Del caught him, ripped off the eye patch and held him fast until the magic had run its course and he could be calmed down. I did instruct Nicomedes to not try foolish experiments like that again.

We were on our way again and making our way through the dungeon when Del was attacked by a tentacle monster that Nicomedes identified as a Grick. It hurt Del some, but we were able to damage it enough that it retreated into its lair.



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