Curse of Strahd

Garrin's Journal Entry #5

13 Feb 17

Garrin’s Journal Entry #5
13 February 1017

After the Grick slunk back to its lair, Adderath offered to keep taunting it until it died. We chose not to do this and instead proceeded out of this room to the next area of the basement/dungeon/crypt. As we moved out of the room, the floor in the hall before us erupted and four or five ghouls came out and attacked us. Gogall was in front and he wisely backed into the room, forcing the ghouls to come attack us rather than all of us try to attack five ghouls in the narrow confines of the corridors of this crypt. Remember the Grick that we chose not to taunt to death? We should have let Adderath finish it. It now came forth from its lair and proceeded to abuse Del some more with its floppy, disfigured tentacle. I turned two of the ghouls. One of them successfully fled; the other was cut down while attempting to flee. We managed to finally destroy the Grick and the remaining ghoul before following the turned ghoul to destroy it.

We found it sheltering under the statue of some man, apparently a noble, with one hand resting on the head of carved wolf and the other holding a grey crystal orb. My comrades and I made short work of the remaining ghoul and then Del did something stupid. I admire Del’s courage as a holy warrior, but I think it might be prudent for him to pay more attention to the holy, and one hopes, wise, portion of that duality rather than just the reckless warrior mentality. Del decided to smash the crystal orb and we were immediately beset by five shadows who were trapped therein. Shadows appear exactly as their name describes them, but they also hate life and drain the strength from those they attack, especially those of good heart. We barely survived this battle, fortunately the radiant light of Lathander was particularly baneful to these creatures. When the shadows were defeated, Nicomedes and Del were both unconscious and the rest of us were forced to haul both of them all the way back to the attic where we locked ourselves in the children’s room to rest and recover. It has taken us twelve hours, but I have regained most of my physical stamina and prayed and fasted and once again am filled with the strength and light of Lathander. The rest of my comrades seem similarly ready to return to the fray.

As difficult as this has been, I’m glad the fog pushed us into this house. Laying those dear children to rest and allowing their ghosts to leave this existence was a blessing beyond belief to me. Destroying the other undead, Lady Agatha, the ghouls and these shadows has also been rewarding. Lathander is not the god of the sun or light, he is the god of dawn. Dawn is a time of new beginnings. Undead creatures, particularly sentient undead have turned their backs on a new beginning to remain in their tortured former life. In doing so, they blaspheme Lathander and torture those in this life who they encounter. It is right and proper what we have done here so far, and I look forward to finishing our work.


Joe – I do believe in another life, you may have been a writer..

Garrin's Journal Entry #5

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