Curse of Strahd

Nicomedes Journal Entry #2

Curse This Wretched House

After fighting some hideous tentacled monster, it escaped back to it’s lair, or so we thought… we came upon some ghouls. The barbarian, Gogol and Brave Paladin fought well, but the Cleric well saved us all. With his holy symbol raised high, he managed to turn two of the ghoulsturn_undead_3.jpg
Adarath Held his own, mocking and fighting as he went. We chased the ghouls into a room and finished them off. Time for a rest! No such luck… The Paladin.. did I mention stupid? He smashed an infernal statue that released shadows! Shadows everywhere! shadow.jpg One struck me – I’ve never felt such cold! I passed out, to what I thought was my doom, but alas, I came back, remaining in this wretched house!



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